Additives, Flavouring & Ingredients

24th-25th September, 2018
London, United Kingdom

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The additives, flavouring and ingredients market, in terms of value, is projected to reach USD 52.2 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2015.

Food Emulsifiers and Food Enzymes are expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% and 8%, respectively, during 2015-2020.

Sweetener type is the fastest growing segment, which is seen as an alternative to sugar in food and beverages.


About the Event

The rising population, growing demand for food, need for food preservation, growing concerns towards food safety due to contamination, rising health concerns, consumer demand for better quality, and increasing consumption of premium food products have been the important reasons driving the demand for food additives such as acidulants, anti-caking agents, colors, emulsifiers, enzymes, flavours, hydrocolloids, preservatives, and sweeteners. Owing to this, additives have gained global importance over the years, and are being increasingly used in existing as well as new & emerging food applications.

The global food additive market is expected to cross USD 65.6 billion by 2022; growing at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2017 and 2022. The largest segment in the market is flavours and flavour enhancers which recorded USD 12.1 billion in 2016. Another segment, Food Emulsifiers and Food Enzymes are expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% and 8% during the forecast period. The market for food additives has a significant impact on the development of the global food & beverage sector. It is also driven by increased consumer’s exposure to packaged food and beverages. Another major driver in the food additives market is the growing supply chain complexities.

Looking at the recent developments, Trade Essential is organizing the Additives, Flavouring & Ingredients Conference, to evaluate the scope, quality and impact of innovation within the food sector and will highlight the major key factors driving the food additives market. The Conference will discuss about the major applications of additives in Bakery & confectionery, Dairy & Frozen products, Oils & Fats, Savory snacks, Meat Poultry, Seafood products, fat replacers and preservatives. The conference will also look upon the changing paradigms in food emulsifiers, food enzymes, sweeteners, flavours, ingredients, processed foods, additives, etc., and will be conferring intelligent solutions for achieving optimum functionality and consumer acceptance.

Additives, Flavouring & Ingredients Conference aims to bring together food specialists, flavour experts, additive researchers, ingredient developers, flavor developers, researcher, product manufacturers, brand managers, nutritionists, doctors, formulation experts, R&D managers, quality assurance specialists, raw material suppliers, development scientists and regulatory professionals to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Functional Foods, Food Additives, and Ingredients.

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Additives, Flavouring & Ingredients
24th-25th September, 2018
London, United Kingdom

Day 1: 24th September, 2018
 8.30 AM Registration & Coffee
Safety Evaluation of Flavourings: European Perspective
An Insight into Vanillin Chemistry in Foods
Looking into the Ideas to Adopting Healthy Nutrition Policy at Grocery Stores
Re-examining Food Additives in the Recent Times
Novel Food Authorisation Process: Latest Insights
10.30 AM Morning Coffee Break & Networking

Clean Supreme: The Latest Food Industry Standard


Keeping Up with the Gluten-free Trend: A Bakery Industry Perspective

Quality Food Product: Assessing Flavour Stability and Effect of Solvent
Introducing Advanced Clean Labels for Better Packaging

 1.00 PM

Networking Lunch

Learning Acetals in Food Flavourings

Highlighting the Innovations in Food and Ingredients Sector: A German Perspective
Outlining the Impact of Flavours on Oral Health
Studying the Influence of Colours in Food Additives
Matrix Encapsulation for Product Development – The “Sub
Micron Particles”
 3.00 PM Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking
Analysing Flavours with PTR-MS Technology

Latest on Food Chemistry and Technology in Improving

Bakery Science & Technology: Latest on Ingredients
Application for Health and Taste
Biotechnology in Bakery: Exploring the Potential of Enzymes as a Bread Improver
Introduction to New Ingredients in Environment-tested

Q & A

  End of Day 1
Day 2: 25th September, 2018
Outlining the De-stressing and Vitalizing Properties of Flavours
Exploring the Potential of Enzymes as a Bread Improver
Examining Safety and Legal Trends in Flavours: A Global
EU Framework: Scientific Evaluation of Food Additives and
Exploring the Potential of Gelatin for Clean Label, Indulgence and Texture
10.30 AM Morning Coffee Break & Networking
Highlighting the New Approaches: A Special Focus on Sugar And Flavouring
Growing Demand for Chinese Medicines in Functional Foods and Beverages
Generate New Ingredients with Artificial Intelligence
Assessing the Chemical Reactions in Food during Processing and Storage
1.00 PM Networking Lunch
Strategies to Reduce Salt in Food Products:Unveiling Tailormade Solutions
Meeting the Food Needs of the Ageing Population: Focussing on Taste Trends and Genotype
Developing Trends in Sugar and sweeteners
Can Seaweed be a Novel Alternative for Salt?
Latest on NMR Applications in Food and Dietary Studies
 3.00 PM Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking
Introduction to New Ingredients in Environment-tested
An Ethical Evaluation of Food Additives and Ingredients
Studying Food Enzyme Regulation: Functioning and Problems
Truly Organic: Green Extraction of Food Ingredients and
Natural Products
How is Vanillin Flavouring Serving Nutritional and Organic

Q & A

  End of Conference

*Agenda content and timeline subject to change.


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