Biorefinery & Biochemical

6th – 7th March 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“The Global Market for Biorefinery Products is expected to clinch $714.6 Billion by 2021 from $466.6 Billion in 2016 at whopping CAGR of 8.9%.

Global Cellulosic Ethanol Market is expected to reach USD 18.01 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of more than 45%

Global biofuel market will grow at a CAGR of 4.5% between 2017 and 2022, reaching $218.7 billion by 2022.”


About the Event

The Global Market for Biorefinery Products is expected to clinch $714.6 Billion by 2021 from $466.6 Billion in 2016 at whopping CAGR of 8.9%. Whereas, The global market for wood pellets demand in the industrial sector reached about 13.8 million tonnes in 2016. Every year, only 3% of the 170 million tonnes of biomass produced by photosynthesis is being utilized which can provide a number of opportunities to biorefinery and biochemical to process his biomass. The prime factors driving the Biorefinery & Biochemical Industries include growing awareness of environmental issues linking with fossil fuel consumption and inflating global energy demand, consumers’ acceptance for biorefinery products and growing need for energy independence. With the factors driving growth of this market, there are various challenges as well which include degree of complexity with the utilization of multiple feedstock depending on the application requirement, regulated biomass availability and economic & technological risks.

In view of the above developments, Trade Essential is organising Biorefinery & Biochemical Conference, highlighting the major innovations and contemporary approaches in Biorefinery & Biochemical industries. The conference will cover new research results, European Bioeconomy, waste management, Outlook on Pyrolytic Lignin, Potential of Microalgae, Green Biorefinery Strategies, Overview on Biomates, Carbon Cycle management, Application of Blockchain Biofuel, Research on Bio-Based Epoxy Resin, Mass cultivation of feedstock, and much more.

The Biorefinery & Biochemical Conference will be a dynamic gathering of Biorefinery Specialists, Biomass and Bioenergy Scientists, Renewable Energy Directors, Biomethane and Regulation Managers, Energy Sector Consultants, Researchers, Professors, Research Scientists, Chemical Engineers, Legal Advisors, Technology Developers, Fuel Engineers etc. to exchange views on Biorefinery and Biochemicals, to enhance their business strategies, explore the latest trends, and manage the key changes taking place  In the industry.

  • Regional Outlook and Market Research
    • European Outlook: Bio-Industrial and Bio-Refinery
    • Outlook on Bioenergy Production
    • An Outlook on Pyrolytic Lignin


  • Technological Aspects
    • Employing Microwave Radiation in Biofuel Production
    • Nanotechnology in Microalgal Biorefinery
    • Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae


  • Latest Research on Biorefinery & Biochemical
    • Challenges and Benefits of using 2G Biomass
    • Artificial Cellulase for Cellulosic Ethanol Production
    • Beech Wood Bio-Oil for Application as Raw Material


Biorefinery & Biochemical
6th – 7th March 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Day 1: 6th March 2019
 8.30 AM Registration & Coffee
Global Outlook on Potentials of Bioethanol Market
A Look into EU-Supported Biorefinery Projects: Innovations and New Products
Forest-Wood Sector Outlook on Bioenergy Production
European Outlook: Bio-Industrial and Bio-Refinery Contribution toward Bio-economy
10.30 AM Morning Coffee Break & Networking

Analyzing the Potential of Microalgae becoming the future crop


An Overview on Green Biorefinery Strategies

An Overview on Integrated Fermentation and Spliting of Insoluble
Utilizing Biomass for Sustainable Future
Process Optimization: Extracting Purified Xylitol by HPLC Methods from Fermented Biomass.




Dr Yannick Krauke
Lead scientist 

An Overview on Biomates: The Reliable Bio-based Refinery

 1.00 PM

Networking Lunch

Assessing Biobased Chemicals production via Anaerobic Digestion

A Complete Research on Bio-Based Epoxy Resin: Utilization in Lithium-ion Batteries





Dr Helene Jeske
Postdoctoral Researcher
Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forests and Fisheries

Biogas to Methane: Bioconversion of Carbon Dioxide to Produce Methane
Biopolymers and Bioplastics – Fibers, Blends, and Composites
Conversion Processess of Biomass to Chemicals
 3.00 PM Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking
Challenges and Benefits of using 2G Biomass from Palm Oil

Employing Microwave Radiation to Food Waste Industry for Biofuel

Future Scope of Nanotechnology in Microalgal Biorefinery: Integrated Downstream Process
Converting Biomass into Liquids and Other Products

Q & A

  End of Day 1
Day 2: 7th March 2019
An Outlook on Pyrolytic Lignin: Extraction and Characterization from Beech Wood Bio-Oil for Application as Raw Material
Electricity Production: Future scope of Biogas in Germany
Outlook on Research and Implementation of Biomass
Steps Relating to Biomass Molecules Conversion into Biofuels and Useful Chemicals
10.30 AM Morning Coffee Break & Networking
A Hunt for Superalgae
Benefits of Using Biomass Combustion in Large Utilities
Demand for Biogas: State of the Art and Future Perspective





Dr Abdeen Mustafa Omer, (BSc, MSc, PhD)
Associate Researcher 
Energy Research Institute (ERI)

Issues Pertaining to Microbial Oil Products by Yeast S Occidentalis
Steps to Downstream Processing of Biofuels
Managing the Carbon Cycle using Biomass
1.00 PM Networking Lunch
An Overview on Application of Blockchain Biofuel
Vapour Phase Adsorption: Identify, Recover and Purified Biobutanol
Harnessing Polylactic Acid from 2nd Gen Biofuels
Highlighting the Usefulness of Thermophilic Enzymes as Industrial Catalysts
Obtaining Alterantive fuel from Biomass
Effects and Benefits of Renewable Resources used in Green Chemical
Product Design
 3.00 PM Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking
A Quick Look on Artificial Cellulase for Cellulosic Ethanol Production
Research on Algae Mass Production using Algae Crop Rotation
Utilization of Wood for Synthesizing Hemicellulosic Biethanol
Introducing Alternative Fuel in Cement Factory
Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae: An Overview





Prof. Souman Rudra
Associate Professor
University of Agder


Q & A

  End of Conference

*Agenda content and timeline subject to change.



Dr Helene Jeske
Postdoctoral Researcher
Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forests and Fisheries

Dr Helene Jeske was born in Temirtau (Kazakhstan) in 1981. She studied Chemistry at the University of Brunswick – Institute of Technology and received her Ph.D. degree in 2012 at the research organization Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut WKI with a main focus at reactive halogen-free high-performance fire retardant coatings. Since 2016 she is postdoc at the Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forests and Fisheries. Her main research project is in the field of biobased 2-component epoxy resin systems as binder in lithium-ion batteries.

Souman Rudra
Associate professor
University of Agder

Souman Rudra is currently working at the University of Agder, Norway as an associate professor since 2013. He conducts research and teaching within renewable energy technology – related to biomass conversion process and thermal energy systems and analysis of energy conversion systems in general. He has his expertise in design, modeling, and simulation of the different energy system specially bio-energy system. He has been working in Hydrothermal liquefaction technologies for several years and also supervising PhD students in this field. Several articles have been published in this area. Energy and exergy analysis, LCA analysis have also done for several of his designed energy systems. Based on those analyses, he has proposed a quad-generation model for producing power, heat, cooling, and SNG (synthesized natural gas) for the Danish energy system.

Dr Abdeen Mustafa Omer, (BSc, MSc, PhD)
Associate Researcher
Energy Research Institute (ERI)

Dr. Abdeen Mustafa Omer (BSc, MSc, PhD) is an Associate Researcher at Energy Research Institute (ERI). He obtained both his PhD degree in the Built Environment and Master of Philosophy degree in Renewable Energy Technologies from the University of Nottingham. He is qualified Mechanical Engineer with a proven track record within the water industry and renewable energy technologies. He has been graduated from University of El Menoufia, Egypt, BSc in Mechanical Engineering. His previous experience involved being a member of the research team at the National Council for Research/Energy Research Institute in Sudan and working director of research and development for National Water Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Sudan. He has been listed in the book WHO’S WHO in the World 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2010. He has published over 300 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 200 review articles, 15 books and 150 chapters in books.

Dr Yannick Krauke
Lead scientist

Dr Yannick Krauke, born on 13.01.1980 in Berlin.
2014 – 2017: Lead scientist of KNAUER company for the EU Valor Plus project
Since 2014: Application specialist at KNAUER Wissensachaftliche Geräte GmbH (Berlin, Germany), working areas mainly preparative liquid chromatography and continuous chromatography such as simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography
2010 – 2011: Post doctoral research at ILBC GmbH (Potsdam, Germany) – Expression and purification of antimicrobial peptides from E.coli cultures
2006 – 2010: PhD fellow at Czech Academy of Science, subscribed as student at Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)– working on alkali metal cation membrane transporters in yeast cells – PhD in Molecular and cell biology
2000 – 2005: Diploma student in Biology at “Freie Universität” in Berlin, major in microbiology, diploma thesis performed at “Robert Koch Institut” in Berlin

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