Drill and Blast Fundamentals Masterclass
16th June 2020, Wellington New Zealand
18th June 2020, Auckland New Zealand

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The The Drill & Blasting Course is primarily designed to deliver a review of blasting & drilling techniques as well as their key products. It will provide the presentation on the subject of new technologies & processes meanwhile removing variability around drilling and blasting operations. Participants will get a chance to understand the strong fracture behavior of rocks, gather practical experience from group exercises & discussions. The agenda of this course is tailored to meet specific interests and is designed to further enhance the skills and knowledge of the participants. The practices & techniques mooted in this course will lead to swift improvement in the plight of drilling & blasting on your projects.

Learning Objectives

  • Classification & Mechanism of rock drilling & blasting methods
  • Discussing the principles of explosive / rock interaction and the influence of rock properties
  • Factors influencing drill & blast in rotary methods
  • Developments in properties of explosives & productivity improvement
  • Developing the documentation of safe blasting procedures
  • Efficiently maximizing blast performance while optimizing overall mining costs
  • Limitations of vibration levels following the existing guidelines & regulations
  • An outlook on principles of flyrock, air blast and noise control, and safety and accident prevention

Target Audience

Drill & Blast Engineer/Manager/Supervisor/Specialist/Foreman, GM Operations, Technical Superintendent/Manager, Mining Production Superintendent, Mining Project Manager, Mine Manager/Operators, Blasting Crew, Shot firers, Driller, Legislators and regulators

From Industry

Mining, Civil Construction, Development and Infrastructure, Engineering Services, Power and Utilities, Extractive Industries, Environmental industries


Drill and Blast Fundamentals Masterclass

Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand

Morning Sessions
Explosives blasting fundamentals


  • Understanding explosives function – How do explosives work?
Understanding the mechanics of rock breakage using explosives


  • How do explosives break rock?
  • Rock Mechanical properties and rock behavior
  • Different explosives for different rocks
  • Workshop on cost effective product selection
Morning Tea Break
Principles of blast design


  • Drill parameters and selection
  • Explosives and initiation system selection.
  • Development of quality/cost effective blast design from first principles.
  • Workshop/case studies on developing quality/cost effective blast design.
Lunch (Afternoon Session )
Afternoon Session 
Principles of initiation design


  • Selection of Initiation products
  • Electronics vs nonelectrics
  • Timing vs fragmentation
  • Timing vs Throw
  • Minimising ore dilution
  • Minimising final wall damage
Workshop/case studies on using timing to improve productivity (fragmentation and diggability) ,minimise dilution and minimise wall damage.


Afternoon Tea Break
Environmentals and sensitive area blasting


  • The cost of compliance in a competitive market
  • Productivity vs environmentals
  • Minimising blast fumes
Specialised Blasting Techniques


  • Presplitting and Highwall Controls
  • Airdeck and stemming deck charging
  • Mitigation of oversize and secondary breakage
Open Forum/review/wrap up


5:00 Close of Day


Managing Director/Principal Consultant, FIRM Australia

Our Trainer is a professional mining engineer and a highly experienced and knowledgable shotfirer/blaster with over 38years of experience in the drill and blast industry. After gaining first hand experience with explosives and blasting in an underground mine in Western Australia’s gold region in the early 1980’s, he then graduated from Ballarat School of Mines in Australia with a bachelor degree in Mining Engineering in the mid 1980’s. He then spent 3 years as a handheld miner gaining valuable practical experience in all aspects of drill and blast underground.

Following this, He went to work for ICI Explosives based in Victoria, Australia. Over the next 10 years, he worked in a variety of roles for ICI Explosives including drill and blast engineer for quarries and open cuts, undeground specialist developing new products for the underground market and Business Manager for South Australia and Tasmania. During that time, He also carried out consultative work for ICI Explosives, most notably providing expertise in converting key ICI customers from nitroglycerine based explosives to emulsion based explosives in the Australian and North American/Canadian markets and introducing packaged emulsions and bulk emulsions into the Asian tunneling and mining markets.

In 1998, He left ICI Explosives and set up his firm to provide a quality and professional consulting and training service to the mining, civil construction and extractive drill and blast industries both domestically and internationally. He has been principal consultant and managing director of the firm for the past 20 years. Highlights include onsite involvement in the Beaconsfield mine rescue, solving diverse blasting issues both underground and on the surface both domestically in Australia and throughout the world.

He has facilitated in over 250 training courses, workshops and conferences and has been involved in over 4000 blasts on the surface and underground over the past 38 years.


*Early Bird ends on 11th March 2020




NZD 999 (Early Bird Price)
NZD 1199 (Usual Price)
16th June 2020, Wellington

18th June 2020, Auckland


Registration fee only covers cost of all sessions, luncheon, coffee/tea & presentations. Fee does NOT include any travel or accommodation expenses. Fee is not inclusive of 6% Admin/Bank Charges.



Venue (4-5 star Hotel) will be confirmed 4-6 weeks prior to the event to ensure we choose the best space for you, as the number of attendees varies significantly. Also, please note there will be a discounted accommodation rate for attendees.

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