Electrical & Instrumentation Design Installation & Operation Course

Electrical & Instrumentation Design, Installation & Operation Course

15th-17th June 2021, Gulf/Arabia Standard Time

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The Electrical & Instrumentation Design, Installation & Operation will cover an introduction to shop drawing reading, ways and methods to read single line diagrams, followed by basics of electrical design & drafting. Attendees will acquire skill in instrumentation drafting & process parameters. Basics design requirements based on the types of plants – with their industrial application will also be discussed. The objective is also to present the attendees with electrical protection methodology used in switchgears. Role & methods of electrification in buildings, as well as their external working and infrastructure, will be a point of discussion in a stand-alone session. A complete overview of relevant authority regulations- codes and standards will be presented. Participants will learn about principles of motors & generators as well about HV, MV and LV electrical distribution. Participants will gain knowledge on loop diagram readings and preparation of single line diagrams. Further, fundamentals of control systems & instrumentation and the importance of secure earthing and bonding will be discussed

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview Fundamentals of electricity & instrumentation design
  • Methods of shop drawing reading with ways to read single line diagrams
  • The electrical protection methodology used in switch gears
  • Stepwise methods of electrification in buildings
  • Classification of relevant authority regulations- codes & standards
  • Understanding the selection of motor components for starter
  • A quick discussion on the different principles of motors, generators & transformers
  • An outlook on electricity generation & its upstream and downstream distribution
  • A brief about type of voltages in generation & distribution
  • Learning fundamentals of control systems and instrumentation
  • The role of testing and commissioning in electrical system




Electrical & Instrumentation Design, Installation & Operation Course


Session 1: Introduction:


Session 2: Basics of  Fundamentals of Electricity:


Session 3: Introduction to Instrumentation Design:


  • Instrumentation Symbols and Notations, Legends
  • Shop drawing reading
Session 4 : How to read Single-line Diagrams, Shop Drawing Reading:


  • Common Symbols, Notations, Legends used to read the Electrical Drawings
Session 5 : Electrical Design, Drafting:


  • Reading Shop Drawings, Single Line Diagrams, Load schedules
Session 6 : Review of P & I Drawings:


Session 7: Instrumentation Drafting, Process Parameters:


Session 8: Basic Design Requirements Based on the Types of Plants:


  • Industrial Applications, Factories, Plants
  • Application and use in other process control areas


Session 9: Electrical Protection methodology used in switch gears:


  • All protection Devices, Fuse, Breakers, Isolators, Trip Mechanisms
  • Electrical Switch Gears, Circuit Breakers & Selection of Protective Devices
Session 10: LV Panel, MDB, SMDB, Final DB, Method of electrification in buildings in steps, Fix-1, 2, 3:


  • Materials use for above all Fix-1, 2, 3
  • External works, Infrastructure(methodology of Electrical works/Cable Laying, Road Crossing, Protection, Feeder Pillar, Road Lighting in Infrastructure)
Session 11: Overview on Relevant Authority regulations Codes & Standards (DEWA, ADDC, FEWA regulations.):


Session 12: Selection Of Motors, Components for Starter:


  • Types of starters in Motors/Auto-transformer, DOL, Star-Delta
  • Soft Starters, VFD, MCC(motor control centre) panels
  • General flip of Electrical materials of use(Catalogs, Pictures, Handouts)
Session 13: Motor, Generator, Transformer


  • Motor Principle
  • Generator Principle
  • Transformer, Selection in LV design
Session 14: Electricity Generation & Distribution HV, MV, LV


  • Upstream, Down stream in distribution
Session 15: Type of Voltages in Generation & Distribution:


  • Types of voltages, 1 phase, 3 phase supply
  • ELV, LV, MV, HV classification
Session 16: Type of Voltages in Generation & Distribution:


  • Load current in data sheet/name board
  • Voltage Drop & Cable selection calculation
  • Reactive power (capacitor bank calculation)


 Day 3
Session 17: Hazardous Areas Classification:


  • Zone 0,1,2
  • Flame Proof, explosion proof-areas of use, IP45, 54, 64, 65
  • Electrical Equipment Selection for Hazardous Areas
Session 18 :


  • KVA. KW, KVAR relation shipps
  • KW measurements, KWHR(Units )
Session 19: Read Loop Diagrams Readings:


Session 20: Preparation of Single Line Diagrams


  • Develop Shop Drawings
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • DEWA Load Schedule
Session 21: Fundamentals of Control Systems and Instrumentation:


  • Reading Control system drawing
  • Etap software for Electrical design an overview
Session 22: Secure Earthing (Grounding) and Bonding Importance


  • Grounding as per DEWA
  • Lightning protection
  • Lighting design-software-dialux
Session 23: Testing and Commissioning in Electrical System:


  • Testing Electrical Equipments(ELCB Tests, Loop Impedence, Megger..)
  • Testing Control Equipments
  • Operation and Maintenance of EIC Equipment
  • System Testing
Session 24: Technical Discussion and Question Answers:





Our Trainer is a Professional Electrical Engineer with over 18 years of diverse experience in Engineering, consulting, switchgear panel design+building, MEP coordination, Educational Training, project handling in Electrical engineering( infrastructure & buildings) and execution till final hand over. 


  • Consultant Engineer in Design and Execution for the past 6 years
  • Project Engineer Contractor worked  with different capacities in junior, middle and senior management positions
  • Trained as PMP Certified Engineer
  • Certified MS Project Planner
  • Experienced MEP Execution Engineer for many Well-known multi-million projects in middle east
  • Trained engineer on airport security systems
  • ABB trained Engineer (via channel partners in design+panel building, support)
  • Facility Maintenance Engineer for AMC, Service management
  • Dubai Municipality Approved Engineering
  • Well versed in Authority rules/DEWA, ADDC, DCD, Etisalat, SERA etc, International Electrical codes & standards
  • Electrical & Instrumentation design-Trainer for past  5 years
  • Trained technicians, facility staffs, site staff, engineers to familiarize different systems during commissioning & post-commissioning stages








15th-17th June 2021 Gulf/Arabia Standard Time


Registration fee only covers cost of all sessions & presentations. Fee is not inclusive of 8% Admin/Bank Charges.




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