Eye Care & Optics

9th-10th March 2020, London United Kingdom


“The Global eye care and eyewear markets are prognosticated to reach USD 3.05 Billion from USD 2.29 Billion from 2017 to 2022, at CAGR of 6.0%.

The EU optometry market is expected to grow 5.6 percent to reach $9.2 billion by 2022. Eyewear market value for Eastern Europe amounted to 3.8 billion euros in 2016 reaching to 4.1 billion euros in 2017.”


About the Event

The global optometry market will rise at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2017 to 2025 to become worth US$ 79.871bn by 2025 from US$55.974bn in 2016. Going by-products, Spectacles accounted for over 55% of the overall eyewear market share in 2016. Rising preference for high-quality lenses along with increasing specs replacement demand will further fuel industry growth. Change in fashion along with the alteration in corrective lenses will remain a key factor fueling product demand. Frames, on the other hand, are estimated to surpass USD 60 million by 2024 with premium frames being the fastest growing segment. Increase in consumer purchasing power and willingness to upgrade lifestyle will play a key role influencing demand for this segment. The contact lens will witness over 3% CAGR up to 2024, easy product accessibility at a competitive price due to retail industry expansion will support market growth. Disposable lenses are predicted to be the most lucrative segment in the coming years. Moving towards market type, Optical stores accounted for over 25% of the industry share in 2016. Easy eye examination availability and consultation services are the key factors driving highest demand in this segment. Also, Online stores will witness growth over 5% up to 2024. The shift in consumer preference towards online purchasing and booming e-commerce will enhance product sales.

With progressing call from every generation, the $36 billion eye care industry has a bright future. The increasing prevalence of nearsightedness or myopia amongst adults and children due to genetic and environmental factors has led to an increase in demand for LASIK, contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses and other surgeries in the global market. Vendors are actively introducing innovative eyewear to accommodate various consumer needs and preferences. Manufacturers are targeting customer with affordable price and on a larger scale. New technological developments will accelerate the production at lower cost. Increasing eye care community efforts to bring better vision to the world will support product penetration over the forecast period.

Trade Essential is coming up with the Eye Care & Optics, to shed light on principles and latest techniques for Scleral lens fitting, advanced formulae for ophthalmic optics, the science behind color enhancement in lenses, understand the influence of pathologies on eye refraction, methods to tackle challenges of ophthalmic healthcare in the 21st century, biometry, dealing with phacoemulsification, use of multifocal IOLs after LASIK, FLACKS and PHACO, Lenticule Intrastromal Keratoplasty as a refractive solution, and much more.

The Conference will also discuss the advances in eye care, market drivers, sustainability strategies, market dynamics and analysis of associated trends, and much more. The conference aims to gather the OD, optician, dispenser, manufacturing specialists for eyewear, eye surgeons, researchers, principal investigators, experts and researchers working under academia and health care industry, business delegates, scientists, across the globe to provide a forum for the dissemination of research results, new ideas and practical development experiences to talk about on new advances in the field of optometry and additional innovations.

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Eye Care & Optics is a platform where you can showcase your company, brand your products and services among the targeted audience. Promote your company & gain potential visibility through this summit.



Eye Care & Optics  
14th – 15th March, 2019
London, United Kingdom

Day 1: 14th  March, 2019
 8.30 AM Registration & Coffee
Eye Contact Lenses: Development Trends 2018 -2023
New Positioning: Latest on Eye Drop
Analysis of Eyewear Market Size, Growth and Ongoing Trends
10.30 AM Morning Coffee Break & Networking
Update on Modern Generation Progressive Lenses

Overview of Contact Lenses: Latest on Ocular Surface and Contact Lenses


Varied Contact Lenses Designs: Linking to Accommodative Function and Binocular Vision

1.00 PM Networking Lunch
  10.30 AM
Clinical Aspects of Accommodation and Convergence: All You Need to Know





Prof. Anna Horwood
University of Reading


Understanding the Optometry Marketing and Advertising Tips


Latest on Lenticule Intrastromal Keratoplasty (LIKE): Solution for Hyperopia Correction


Latest on Pharmaceutical Treatment in Cataract Surgery

 3.00 PM Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking

Recognition versus Resolution: Latest on Visual Acuity Testing Chart

The Way Forward Glaucoma: Diagnosing and Treating Patient in Virtual Reality

Evaluating the Right Nutrition for Healthy Eyes

  Q & A
  End of Day 1
Day 2: 15th  March, 2019

Multifocal Intraocular Lens: Examining the Improvement in Visual Function


Reviewing the Current Status of Lasers in Refractive Surgery


Suitable Rim: Steps to Right Consultation and Correct Glasses

  10.30 AM
Opportunity to Assess: Wider Range of Community Based Eye Care Services





Richard Whittington
Chief Operating Officer
Local Optical Committee Support Unit (LOCSU)

10.30 AM Morning Coffee Break & Networking

Understanding the Regulations Implemented on the Medical Devices: Sunglasses, Spectacle Frames, Spectacle Lens


Benefits of EUREQUO for Documentation and Audit


Anatomy and Pathology of Human Eye

1.00 PM Networking Lunch

Discussion on Common Eye Emergencies and Treatment


Analyzing the Mechanism of Modern Lenses


Tailoring Eye Examination: Providing the Clearest and Most Comfortable Form of Correction

3.30 PM Afternoon Coffee Break

Chromatic Pupillometry a Novel Mean for Diagnosis and Monitoring


New Sets of Possibilities: Assessing Sports Optometrist


Visual Axes and Pupils: Understanding Better

  Q & A
  End of Conference

*Agenda content and timeline subject to change.



Prof. Dr Anna Horwood has been a clinical orthoptist for her entire life. Since 1997 has been doing research on the motor aspects of binocular vision with Professor Patricia Riddell in the Infant Vision Laboratory in Reading, where she is a Professor of Orthoptics and Visual Development. She specifically does research on accommodation and convergence, their linkages and clinical relevance. She has contributed extensively to the respective topics through her publications and lectures at international pediatric ophthalmology conferences around the world.

Richard Whittington joined LOCSU as Assistant Director, Commissioning, in June 2016 from the NHS and was appointed as Chief Operating Officer in November 2016.

He is an experienced CCG Director and Acute Trust Director with extensive commissioning and service redesign experience. He led the initial commissioning of primary care ophthalmic service across a range of South East London PCTs and CCGs.

Richard has worked in and across all healthcare and care sectors and has a particular expertise in service change, organisational change and commissioning service delivery. Throughout his career Richard has delivered real service change with measurable patient benefits and as such he has a proven record of delivery across QIPP programmes.

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