Fundamentals of Tribo- Sensing

12th-13th March 2020, London UK
13th-14th May 2020, Berlin Germany

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The Fundamentals of Tribo-Sensing Course is essentially designed to give a better understanding of successful mechanism operations on all scales. The primary agenda of this course is to deliver insights into the principles of Tribology. The course offers sublime latitude to obtain an overview of the vast field of Tribo- Sensing. It will address the metrology & sensing techniques of tribology systems along with the core concepts and understanding of various tools. This program presents thorough insights into tribology focusing on such fundamental concepts as lubrication, traction, friction wear mechanisms, and surface engineering. This course provides a comprehensive and cost-effective overview of this vitally important area. Furthermore, Participants will get a comprehensive rundown of material behaviours and elementary properties. The course also considers the relationship between Machine Life, Reliability and Condition Monitoring. Advanced sensing technologies like electrostatic sensing, thick film sensing &fibre optic sensing will also be discussed. Basic knowledge to control friction and wear behavior through lubrication and the selections of material and coating in practical situations will also be discussed. Additionally, modern methods will be discussed together with various case studies to illustrate how the basics of tribology can be executed in the design components and systems. At the end of this course, the participants will have a solid understanding of basic tribology principles, test methods and will have acquired good practical knowledge for solving practical tribo-sensing problems. Entrants will attain a good set of cognition regarding tribo-sensing functions, procedures for testing the characteristics of the surfaces.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Tribology, Engineering Surfaces and the contact between them
  • An overview of wear mechanisms and surface engineering in an industrial context
  • Classification of condition monitoring procedures and techniques
  • Understanding the machine life cycle and maintenance philosophies
  • Outlining common conditional monitoring techniques and procedures
  • Conventional signal processing methods and its relation to artificial intelligence for smart machines
  • Learning about conventional signal processing techniques & advanced sensing technologies.
  • Focusing on various advanced sensing technologies
  • Numerous case studies to study design components and systems
  • Comprehensive details about smart bearings for aero-engines and engine-oil ageing detection


Fundamentals of Tribo- Sensing

London, Berlin

Day 1
Session 1:Tribology: Friction, Wear & Lubrication:


  • Introduction of Tribology
  • Engineering Surfaces
  • Contact Between Surfaces
Morning Coffee Break (20 Minutes)
Tribology: Friction, Wear & Lubrication:
  • Friction and Traction
  • Lubricant and Lubrication
  • Wear Mechanisms
  • Surface Engineering
Condition Monitoring:


  • Machine Life Cycle and Maintenance Philosophies
  • Concept of Condition Monitoring
  • Condition Monitoring Procedures
Condition Monitoring:


  • Common Condition Monitoring Techniques
    • Vibration Monitoring
    • Thermal Monitoring
    • Corrosion Sensing
    • Oil Analysis and Debris Monitoring


Day 2
Signal Processing Techniques:


  • Conventional Signal Processing Methods
  • Advanced Signal Processing Techniques
  • Artificial Intelligence for Smart Machines
Morning Coffee Break (20 Minutes)
Advanced Sensing Technologies:


  • Electrostatic sensing
  • Thick Film Sensors
  • Fibre Optic Sensing
Case Studies:


  • White etching cracking in wind turbine gearbox bearings
  • Electrostatic sensing for electrification in rolling bearings
  • Smart bearings for aero-engines
    • Rolling element bearing monitoring using multiple sensors
    • Bearing fault detection using machine learning techniques
  • Engine oil ageing detection using thick-film sensors




Our Trainer is Professor of Tribo-Sensing at the national Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS) within Mechanical Engineering Department in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton. She has over 20 years research experience in the field of tribology and sensing. She chairs the University Strategic Research Group (USRG) on Monitoring of Engineered and Natural Systems Using Sensors (MENSUS) and is the Head of nCATS. She has led a large number of research projects sponsored by EU, UK Research Councils and a wide range of industries, including Rolls-Royce plc., GE Aviation, Vestas Wind Systems, Shell Global Solutions (UK), Schlumberger, Afton Chemical Corporation, John Crane (UK) and Schaeffler Group, with an over £8M research grant portfolio. 

She has published over 100 peer reviewed research papers in the fields of tribology and condition monitoring and has given many invited talks and keynotes at national and international conferences. She is a Fellow of British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, member of the Tribology Group at Institute of Physics. She is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy and a Chartered Engineer.

Career History She obtained both her BSc and MSc in Chemistry from Nankai University in China, and her Diploma in Environmental Engineering from Portsmouth University and PhD in Systems Engineering from Southampton Solent University in the UK prior to joining the Tribology and Surface Engineering Group at University of Southampton since 2001.

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London (12-13th March, 2020)

Berlin (13th-14th May, 2020)


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