Lightweight Materials & Engineering

18th-19th September, 2018
Berlin, Germany


“Global Perspective on Construction Industry”

The Global Lightweight Materials Market is expected to reach $196,299 million by 2022 from $144,613 million in 2015, with a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period, 20162022.”

“The Value market is estimated to witness a growth at a CAGR of 7.0% between 2017 and 2023.”

“Global Automotive Lightweight Materials market was valued at USD 59.77 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.06% during the forecast period 2016-2021.”


About the Event

The developing automotive, aviation, and construction industries have led to an intensive demand for lightweight materials. According to reports, it is estimated that the lightweight materials market would grow from an estimated $88.5 billion in 2014 to $133.1 billion at a CAGR of 8.5 % and in terms of value it is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 14.40% to reach $206.8 billion by 2019.

The lightweight material market has witnessed considerable growth in the recent past, due to rise in government investments in renewable power projects, such as wind and hydro energy. In addition, increase in demand for fuel efficient vehicles has also accelerated the market growth. Increase in penetration of lightweight components and inflating production of aircraft modules to elevate the demand for advanced composites & other lightweight materials.

Trade essential is organizing the Lightweight Materials & Engineering Conference to shed light on damage tolerance of composite structures, structural analysis of composites, manufacturing technologies (processing, up scaling and automation), structural testing methods, multi-functional composites – adaptive response and reconfiguration, nano-composites for structural lightweight, multi-functional composites – self-healing and bio-inspired designs, friction stir welding in lightweight sandwich structures, to name a few.

The Conference will also culminate in safety regulations adopted, quality control and uses in various manufacturing sectors, followed by the reciprocity of current research findings and technical advancements acquired by manufacturers. It will provide an ideal platform for industry leading researchers, technology developers, industrial players and supply chain partners to converge. Bringing experts together, the conference aims to promote the methodologies, exchange of ideas and the way forward to commercialisation.

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18th-19th SEPTEMBER 2018
Berlin, Germany

Day 1: 18th  September, 2018
 8.30 AM Registration & Coffee
Lightweight Design of the Future: What’s in Store?
A Digital and Lightweight Future for the Infrastructure Industry
Sustainable Future Trends in Lightweight Construction
Exploring the Potential of Aluminium: Advanced Lightweight Alloys for Aerospace Applications




Dr. Blanka Lenczowski
Senior Expert Material Technology
Airbus Group Innovations

The Outlook, Challenges and Opportunities: Advanced Additive Manufacturing for Tissue Engineering
 10.30 AM Morning Coffee Break & Networking
Latest Trends in Tailored Fibre Placement in Thermoplastic Composites
Latest Platform for Advanced Smart Textile Applications (PASTA) and Applications
Moving Towards a Sustainable Lightweight Material Industry: Highlighting Opportunities for Innovation, Reducing Cost and Time to Market
 1.00 PM Networking Lunch

Apprehending Advancements in Lightweight Thermoplastic Composite for Space Industry


Investigating Micro-Sandwich Lightweight Composite Materials in Automotive


A Paradigm Shift in Ship Design: Utilization of Ultra-light Steel Metal in Ships

 3.00 PM Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking

Exploring Cost-Effective Advanced Lightweight Designs for Wind Blade


Producing Lightweight Automotive Components: Fabricating Honeycomb Structures


Q & A

  End of Day 1
Day 2: 19th  September, 2018
8.30 AM
Producing and Designing Lightweight: Understanding the Role of Multi-Material Solutions
Exploring Natural Fiber Polypropylene (NFPP) Technology: Lightweight
Technology Solution for Interior Design and Trims
Examining the Benefits of Bio-based Polyamide with Short Fibers for Lightweight Structures
Advanced Lightweight Technology: An Overview of A2LT
 10.30 AM Morning Coffee Break & Networking

Advanced Lightweight: Apprehending Future Prospects for Propulsion System

Redefining: Advances in Additive for Lightweight Component
Understanding Steam Innovation Technology for Lightweight Components
 1.00 PM
Networking Lunch

Achieving Light weighting and Improved Acoustics with Nonwovens and Composites

Processing Routes for Efficient Manufacturing: Taking a Closer Look at Prefinished Metal Polymer Hybrid Parts
Linking Lightweight Solutions to Wood Based Bio-composites
 3.00 PM

Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking


Strength and Rigidity: Bonding Performance of CFRP Steel Lightweight Constructions


Lightweight yet Feature a High Level of Strength: Application of Organo-Sheet to Hybrid Parts Investigating Crash Performance of Lightweight Vehicles Using Composite Materials


Q & A

  End of Conference

*Agenda content and timeline subject to change.



Heidi Peltola
Research Scientist
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

Heidi Peltola has a degree of Master of Science in Material Engineering. She works as a Research Scientist in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., focusing on more sustainable solutions with biocomposite materials. She has 10 years of expertise in the field of development and processing of natural and wood fibre composites, including light-weight biocomposite materials. Her professional experience includes work package leadership and project management of EU-FP7 projects, peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, and funding applications, as well as project management and research work in jointly funded and industry-driven customer projects. She is also a PhD student in Technical University of Tampere, Finland.

Dr George Kellie

Dr George Kellie is chairman of KellieTechnologies™, a leading UK marketing and technology company. Dr Kellie’s businesses have been in existence for nearly 20 years and have a strong reputation and expertise in composites nonwovens, plastics, and sustainability strategies.
In the field of nonwovens materials, KellieTechnologies™ has been particularly active, working on specific applications and generating detailed market assessment and data. Recent work has included submissions on nanotechnology to the UK House of Lords Science & Technology Committee.
George is the editor of “Advances in Technical Nonwovens, 1st Edition” recently published by Elsevier.
In packaging George Kellie has published a series of ground-breaking reviews on Nonwovens in Packaging.

In the automotive field, Kellie Solutions have been active in areas as diverse as engineered thermoformed components, use of bioplastics and recycled materials, and composite materials for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Dr Blanka Lenczowski
Senior Expert Material Technology
Airbus Group Innovations

Dr Lenczowski studied metallurgy at the Montan University in Ostrava, Czech Republic and obtained a PhD at the Faculty of Materials Technology at Siegen University in Germany. She then joined the R & D metals department at DASA. She continued at Daimler Benz, Daimler Chrysler and EADS (current Airbus) at the R & D department as a researcher and later as Manager.

Since 2006, Dr Lenczowski has been responsible for research and technology development in “Metalli Materials” and interdisciplinary areas as Senior Expert Material Technology. She supports the international business development and partnership strategy with Eastern Europe and currently she’s an EU member of Advisory Group for Horizon 2020 for “Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies, Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing”

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