Frozen, Ready Meals & Shelf Life Europe

25th-26th September, 2018
London, United Kingdom


“The global ready meal market is expected to gather $306 billion has a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period 2015-2020.

The global frozen food market was valued at US$ 275.8 billion in 2017 and is estimated to expand with a CAGR of 4.2% from 2017-2025.

The market for flexible packaging is forecast to grow at an annual average rate of 3.4% over the next five years and is expected to reach $248 billion (€217 billion) by 2020.


About the Event

Global Ready Meals Market was valued at $72,257 million in 2016, and is expected to reach $146,247 million by 2023, registering a CAGR of 10.6% from 2017 to 2023. Cost-effectiveness as compared to restaurant food, urbanization, and an increase in population drives this market. Europe dominates the global market with a predicted market value of more than USD 45 billion, due to the introduction of healthy ready meals. North America is the next big market with the US being the major consumer. In the Asia-Pacific region, the ready meals market is expected to grow rapidly owing to growth in population, development in the food & beverage industry, and stable economic growth.

Ready meals are widely accepted by the Australian customers, as they are relatively cheaper and convenient option than junk food. Changes in standard of living, increase in number of working women, and rise in number of single-person households are primary factors that drive the growth of the ready meals market in Japan. Increasing demand, acceptance, and consumption of ready-to-eat food products has also been one of the major factors for the growth of the global fresh food packaging market. The food packaging market is projected to reach a value of $305,955.1 million by 2019. Augmented consumption of ready-to-eat food products has lead to the demand for innovative packaging solutions that can extend the shelf life of the products enclosed.

In view of these developments, Trade Essential is coming up with the ‘Frozen, Ready Meals & Shelf Life Europe’ to analyze the current trends and emerging estimations in the global ready meals market, the latest innovations in packaging, peptide based gas sensors arrays for food quality control, cutting edge food technology with artificial intelligence, active multilayer PET films for food packaging, high pressure processing (HPP), modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), food process engineering to the throw light on the factors that drive and restrain the growth of the market, proffer tactics for key product positioning and explore strategies to sustain competition in the market and much more.

The Conference will a premier interdisciplinary platform for Researchers, Nutritionists, Hygiene Specialists, Environmentalists, Food Quality Control Analyst/Managers, Food Inspectors, Packaging Consultants, Principal Research Officers, Material Scientists, Food Safety Microbiologists, Agricultural Sustainability Managers, Microbiologists, Lead Intelligence Analysts from all over the world to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Ready Meals, Food Safety and Packaging Technologies.



Frozen, Ready Meals & Shelf Life Europe
25th-26th September, 2018
London, United Kingdom

Day 1: 25th September, 2018
 8.30 AM Registration & Coffee
Apprehending Frozen Food Market Data
Consumer’s Perspective Towards Food Safety & Preservation
UK’s Perspectives on the Control & Management of Food Allergens
Understanding the Latest Market Trends and Future Prospects of Bio-plastics in Food
What are the Challenges & Opportunities Observed by Food & Beverage Sector in the UK
10.30 AM Morning Coffee Break & Networking

Tackling Food Fraud: Moving towards a Sustainable Future


Food Authenticity: Current Trends and Future Perspectives

Factors Affecting the Measurement of Pesticide Residues and Food Contaminants
Internet of Things for the Food & Beverage Industry: A Comprehensive Overview

 1.00 PM

Networking Lunch

Uses & Applications of Robotics in Food Industries

Managing Food Surface Contamination in Workplace
Risks Observed on Changing 10 Day Rule for Shelf Life
Comprehending theCulture on Food Safety in Food Management System
Extending Shelf Life in Chilled Products: Analyzing Microbial & Food Borne Diseases





Dr Peter Wareing
P Wareing Food Safety Limited

 3.00 PM Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking
Steps to Resolving Taint and Off Flavour Contamination in Food Products

Apprehending the Role of Rice Starch Composite on Improving Shelf Life of Fruit

Studying the Impact of Shelf Life on Storage Factors of Pasteurized Strawberry Juice
Occurrence and Investigations of Process Food Contaminant: 3-MCPD, 2-MCPD & Glycidol
Shelf Life of Food Products: Assessing the Effect of Light and Dynamic Oxygen Concentration

Q & A

  End of Day 1
Day 2: 26th September, 2018
Insights on Innovative Packaging
Ethical Issues Related to GMO Foods
Improving Shelf Life of Nuts Using Natural Antioxidants
Understanding the Concept and Alternative Strategies to Refrigeration
Sustainable and Efficient Refrigeration in the Food & Beverage Cold Chain
Application of High-Pressure Processing Technique to Attain Sustainable Food Preservation
10.30 AM Morning Coffee Break & Networking
Modern Innovation & Study of Shelf Life
Recent Innovations in Frozen Food Merchandising
Sustainable Refrigeration Technology & Food Safety
Looking at Innovations in Food Packaging and Shelf Life
Tackling Food Fraud: Moving towards a Sustainable Future
IP and Trademarks: Protecting Packaging and Product Designs
Managing Unintentional Allergen Cross-Contamination: Regulatory Measures
1.00 PM Networking Lunch
An In-Vitro Analysis of Shelf Life Extension of Fresh Filled Pasta
Advancement in Food Technology with the Help of Artificial Intelligence
Analyzing Biogenic Amines in Ready to Eat Food and Alcoholic Beverages
Utilization of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Engineering in Food & Beverage Industry





Paul Doherty
Senior Business Development Manager
Centrica Business Solutions

Highlighting the Strategies for Improving Temperature Conditions in Chilled & Frozen Environment
Use Modified Atmosphere Packaging Technology in Increasing the Shelf Life of Refrigerated Foods
Screening of Food Quality and Safety with Full-automated High-Resolution 1H-NMR Spectroscopy
 3.00 PM Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking
How to Reduce Contamination Risks Food and to Avoid Consumer Response to the Product?
Ensuring Food Quality: Uses & Application of Sensor Technology in Detecting Volatile Organic Compounds Present in Food & Beverage Samples
Hyper-spectral Imaging for Food Applications: A Comprehensive Overview
Protecting the Quality of Food with the Application of Mathematical Algorithms
Assessing the Impact of Antioxidants on Oxidation of Lipids and the Changes Involved in Nutritive Values of Protein in Frozen Meat Products
Mapping the Effect of Storage Temperature on Glucosinolate Content and Shelf Life of Broccoli
A Novel Food Decontamination Technology & Increasing Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables

Q & A

  End of Conference

*Agenda content and timeline subject to change.



Dr Peter Wareing
P Wareing Food Safety Limited

Peter has over 30 years’ experience in food and agricultural development work, specialising in food mycology research, and has worked in countries across Africa, Asia and South America. As an independent consultant, he provides advice and troubleshooting on a variety of food safety related problems, and delivers food safety, HACCP, auditing and microbiology training courses.
Peter’s specialties include Food Safety, HACCP, Auditing, Risk Assessment, Food Microbiology, Food Mycology, with speciality expertise covering specifically soft drinks, sauces and dressings, bakery products and dried foods. provides consultancy and troubleshooting for clients

Paul Doherty
Senior Business Development Manager
Centrica Business Solutions

Paul has been with ENER-G, now Centrica since January 2012 and works with the food and beverage industry, mainly supplying medium to large scale turnkey Combined Heat and Power Solutions.
He has worked for and with many high profile clients specifically in the Bakery, Confectionery and Dairy industries and has a wealth of technical knowledge and is passionate about making the UK food and Drink industry as competitive as possible by reducing their high energy costs and enabling them to achieve their carbon reduction targets through the use of CHP technology.

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