Reinsurance Contract Wordings

6th-7th April 2020, Dubai United Arab Emirates

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The Reinsurance Contract Wording Course is dominantly constructed to give a brief idea about each clause- their importance and specific purpose in the contract. The reinsurance practices & techniques have changed massively in recent years, hence creating more and more emphasis on reinsurance contracts, overview on the legal considerations, understanding the common clauses, principles of interpretation. Attendees will understand Incorporation of Clauses, Interpretation of Claims clauses and Choice of Law Clauses. This course intends to look into the types of Clauses, Consequences of breach/Violations, Solutions/Remedies to the Breach.Trainer will discuss the true basic nature of the Reinsurance Contract and the critical necessity of contract wording quality. This program pivotally revolves around advanced and up-to-the-minute issues of reinsurance contracts. Participants will learn the definition and function of Loss/ Aggregation Clauses & terms as well recent case studies on Aggregation. This course also explores the outer boundaries of contractual provisions and the various types of policies. In modern times, reinsurance structures and their contract wording has become more typical and complex, for this reason, core clauses and claim clauses with specific wording will also be briefed in the course. Clauses that areimportant in excess treaties will be a point of discussion in the entire session. This program will ensure your team fully understands the scope and effect of follow and settlement clauses.

Learning Objectives:

  • A generic introduction to Reinsurance Contract Wordings
  • A better understanding of the nature of a Reinsurance Contract
  • Impacts of law and jurisdiction in case of breach of a contract
  • Clauses of the Reinsurance contract – Incorporation, Interpretation, Follow and settlements
  • Importance of wordings- issues, options and effective drafting methods
  • Overview of different policy types
  • Explaining core and claim clauses
  • Developments and Advancements in reinsurance clause drafting
  • Outlook on Loss/Aggregation Clauses


Reinsurance Contract Wordings

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Session 1 : Introduction to Reinsurance Contract Wordings:


  • What is Reinsurance Contract Wordings
  • Importance of Reinsurance Contract Wording
Session 2: Nature of reinsurance contracts:


  • Overview on the Legal considerations
  • Understanding the Common clauses
  • Principles of interpretation
Morning Coffee Break (20 Minutes)
Session 3 : Incorporation of Clauses:


  • The law associated with underlying insurance contract
  • Effects of words of incorporation
  • Study on Recent cases
Session 4 : Interpretation of Claims clauses:


  • What are the types of Clauses
  • Consequences of breach/Violations
  • Solutions/Remedies to the Breach
Session 5: Scope and Effect of Follow clauses and settlements:


  • What are Follow Clause
  • Following the settlements
  • The development of the follow clauses


Session 6 : As clear as Mud: Guidance on Loss/aggregation clauses:


  • Definition of Loss/ Aggregation Clauses & terms
  • Functions & Applications of Aggregation Clauses
  • Recent Case study on Aggregation
Morning Coffee Break (20 Minutes)
Choice of Law Clauses:


  • Rules to Choice of Law Clauses
  • Choice of law in arbitration
Components of Dispute clauses:


  • Arbitrate or to Litigate
  • Choice of forum/legal seat
  • Ways of Improving the Arbitration Process
Important Clauses in Excess Treaties


  • Judgment in Excess of Policy Limits
  • Extra Contractual Obligations
  • Recent cases
Loss Dates falls for Different Policies Types:


  • Losses occurring during
  • Loss discovery date
  • Claims made
  • Risk attaching
  • Interlocking
Recent Significant Case Studies





Our Trainer is an accomplished Reinsurance Professional with over 30 years hands-on exposure to designing and negotiating Reinsurance Contracts with leading International reinsurers as Swiss Re, SCOR, Catlin, GIC Re et al. Have achieved optimal terms for start-up cedants with a view to facilitate growth and enhance market share.

Negotiating all aspects of the treaty Program has been a forte to achieve best of breed solutions. This frequently encompassed incorporating clauses best suited for cedants with a view to manage exposure amidst suitable capacity. Treaty Programs and Facultative covers have been adroitly handled from a value-added perspective”

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates(6th-7th April, 2020)


Registration fee only covers cost of all sessions, luncheon, coffee/tea & presentations. Fee does NOT include any travel or accommodation expenses. Fee is not inclusive of 5% Admin/Bank Charges.



Venue (4-5 star Hotel) will be confirmed 4-6 weeks prior to the event to ensure we choose the best space for you, as the number of attendees varies significantly. Also, please note there will be a discounted accommodation rate for attendees.

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