Reinsurance Underwriting

14th November, 2017
Johannesburg, South Africa

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The Reinsurance Underwriting Course aims to equip reinsurance practitioners with pertinent knowledge and insights into the concept of Risk Insurance, the Drivers and Methods of Reinsurance, Concept of Retention, the kinds of reinsurance—treaties & facultatives, and the pricing methods.

The course is designed to provide a broad understanding of the concept of risk identification and management, insurance, and risk insurance. The Reinsurance Underwriting course will help the professionals understand and learn about the role, methods, catastrophic models in reinsurance, claims management, and designing the programme of reinsurance.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding Role of reinsurance underwriter
  • Pricing Methods – Facultatives
  • Reinsurance Methods for Property, Engineering, Marine, Aviation, Casualty and Life Reinsurance
  • Understanding Catastrophic Models in Reinsurance
  • Comprehending Reinsurance Claims Management
  • Designing of Reinsurance Programme
  • Overview of Reinsurance Slip and important Clauses

Course Timing : 9:00am to 5:00pm

Course Outline

  • Understanding the concept of
    • Risk
    • Insurance
    • Risk Insurance
  • Role, Purpose and Drivers of Reinsurance
  • Concept of Retention
  • Methods of Reinsurance
    • Proportional
    • Non-Proportional
  • Treaty Reinsurance – An overview with examples
  • Facultative Reinsurance – An overview with examples
  • Pricing Methods
    • Treaties
    • Facultatives
  • Reinsurance Methods for
    • Property
    • Engineering
    • Marine
    • Aviation
    • Casualty
    • Life Reinsurance
  • Comprehending Catastrophic Models in Reinsurance
  • Reinsurance Claims Management
  • Designing of Reinsurance Programme
  • An overview of Reinsurance Slip and important Clauses
  • Role of reinsurance underwriter

  Course Leader

He is a thorough reinsurance professional, experienced in working with various reinsurance markets including Lloyds, Europe, USA, Asia and Africa. He is MBA in Insurance & Finance and a Fellow of Insurance Institute of India. At present, he is working as Chief Underwriting Officer of GIC Re South Africa Ltd which is a wholly owned subsidiary of GIC Re, India. He has been largely responsible for setting up Underwriting, Claims and Risk Management Function at GIC Re South Africa Ltd which started its operations in late 2014.

He is also heavily involved in setting up systems for SAM (Solvency Assessment & Management) Compliance in South Africa.


His achievements include setting up of Reinsurance (Underwriting/Claims), Risk Management and SAM compliance function of GIC Re South Africa Ltd within a short span of 8-9 months. In GIC Re, Mumbai he was largely responsible for rationalization, revitalization and portfolio optimization of inward retrocession treaty business in the aftermath of CAT Events of 2011. This exercise resulted in a balanced and diversified portfolio which enabled GIC Re to recover all losses within 2-3 years. He was also the key underwriting analyst in GIC’s Strategic Investment in Lloyd’s Capital Quota Share wherein ROE exceeded 10%. This also resulted in setting up GIC Re as a Corporate Member of Lloyds of London.

His core competencies include underwriting, claims, risk management and SAM framework.

Reinsurance Underwriting
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