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Building & Construction

Serious Incident
15th Nov,2019 Darwin, Austraila
Serious Incident
18th Nov, 2019 Perth, Austraila
Serious Incident
20th Nov, 2019 Adelaide, Austraila

Oil & Energy

Fundamentals of Petrophysics 11-13th March, 2020 Sydney, Australia
Fundamentals of Petrophysics 18th -20th March, 2020 Perth, Australia

Power & Utilities

Transmission Line Routing and Design 12-13th March 2020 Vancouver, Canada
Transmission Line Routing and Design 23-24th March 2020 Calgary, Canada
Transmission Line Routing and Design 26-27th March 2020 Toronto, Canada


Fundamentals of Tribo- Sensing 12th-13th March London, United Kingdom
Fundamentals of Tribo- Sensing 13th-14th May 2020 Berlin, Germany
Electrical & Instrumentation Design Installation & Operation Course 5th, 6th, 7th May, 2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Design of Machine Elements 02nd-03rd June, 2020 Stockholm, Sweden

Power & Utilities

Power Transmission Expansion 26th-27th March, 2020 Stockholm, Sweden
Power Transmission Expansion 30th-31st March, 2020 Berlin, Germany
Power Transmission Expansion 2nd-3rd April, 2020 London, United Kingdom


Underbalanced Drilling 22nd-23rd June, 2020 Sydney,Australia
Underbalanced Drilling 25th-26th June, 2020 Perth, Australia

Insurance & Reinsurance

Reinsurance Contract Wordings
6th-7th April, 2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Marine Insurance Fundamentals
7th-8th April, 2020 Athens, Greece

Health Care

Eye Care & Optics
6th-7th Septmeber, 2020 London, United Kingdom

Human Resource

Work-Life Balance
Succession Planning



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Energy & Renewable

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Risk Management

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Clothing & Textile

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